Best Practices for Collaborative & Open Research


  1. Encourage and promote the wide adoption of an open and collaborative research culture by curating policy guidelines, case studies, open-source tools, templates and the means for assessment
  2. Create and continually update guidelines based on new technologies and learnings to provide funders and institutions a clear path toward sponsoring, recognizing, incentivizing, and rewarding open and collaborative


ICOR Strategists and Supporters


  • A guide to the tools, and processes of open and collaborative science, with specific resources curated for researchers, funders, and academic institutions
  • Templates to assist stakeholders in implementing these best practices or subsets therein
  • Data and case studies of collaborations that have employed elements of these strategies, with a focus on practical advice on the successes and challenges

What’s Needed

  • Involvement of stakeholders (including both allies and sceptics) to develop and iterate the framework for communication strategies
  • Team of open science advocates to curate links and descriptions of tools and templates needed to implement best practices
  • Case studies from funders and collaborative teams that provide evidence supporting or challenging these strategies
  • Funded research teams willing to implement the framework and a subset of best practices
  • Assessment expertise to report on behaviors and impact of teams implementing these and other strategies to provide evidence and inform the evolution of these approaches