Communication Strategies for Effective Collaborations: A best practices framework


  1. Develop a “communications strategy” for collaborative teams that can serve as a framework of discussion points prior to formulating a collaboration agreement
  2. Prepare a list of standards to cover including data sharing, authorship, and communication
  3. Create guidance targeted toward different stakeholders
  4. Demonstrate the value and challenges of using this iterative framework


Wyatt Korff
Wyatt Korff
HHMI-Janelia Research Campus
Maryrose Franko
Maryrose Franko
The Health Research Alliance

Description & Deliverables

This project is designed as a framework for discussion among team members on critical topics that will be encountered during the course of their collaboration. Questions and challenges will be presented for review with relevant links to tools, examples, and case studies covered in corresponding ICOR projects. These discussions will confer an understanding of current and aspirational open research practices, and form the basis of the team’s collaboration agreement.


  • Document covering topics, questions, and challenges to be discussed by newly funded/organized team members as a means of communicating and formulating effective collaborative practices
  • List of open research standards to cover with links to resources from the ICOR initiative and others
  • Guidance for funders and researchers on why, how, and when and when implementing this framework can strengthen collaborative, open research
  • Data and case studies of teams that have used this or a similar framework effectively, including examples of resulting collaborative agreements that have been formulated

What’s Needed

  • Feedback from funders and researchers (including both allies and skeptics) on the text and the guidance of when and how to use the framework
  • Successful and unsuccessful case studies from funders and/or collaborative teams to include in the framework
  • Methods to collect additional data and anecdotes (positive and negative) from those using the framework to inform changes to the framework



Sarah Greene, Bodo Stern, Kristen Ratan