Tracking, Measuring & Crediting Collaborative, Open Research Activities


  1. Determine how (and the extent to which) collaborative and open research can be reliably measured and credited to individuals on research teams
  2. Recommend qualitative means of crediting collaborative activities where quantification is not feasible
  3. Understand the attitudes and behaviors of both participating and non-participating researchers regarding alternative reputation systems
  4. Facilitate the translation of credits to incentives and rewards by funders and academic institutions


Kristen Ratan
Kristen Ratan
Strategies for Open Science (Stratos)
Sarah Greene
Sarah Greene
Rapid Science

Description & Deliverables

This project will define, track, and assign credits for collaborative activities in research consortiums — e.g., inter- and intra-team sharing and discussion of research findings, peer reviewing, replicating, co-authoring, data curation and analysis, and posting incremental and negative results as preprints. We will develop quantitative and qualitative measures that translate to a credit system that can be tied to incentives and rewards bestowed by funders and academic institutions. The tools and processes created and/or recommended in the proposed credit system will necessarily have practical application for stakeholders who wish to reward open behaviors over solitary acts of publication.


  • Activity algorithm(s)
  • Exemplary credit system for one or more research projects
  • Documentation that relates credits to rewards
  • Recognition guidelines for academic institutions and funders

What’s Needed

  • Funded multi-team consortium(s) with an open science mandate
  • Project platform on which grantees communicate
  • Tracking tools for researchers’ protocols and outputs
  • Structured progress reports that intake data from the tracker
  • Algorithm that assigns credit values to shared content and interactive behaviors



Dario Alessi, Danil Mikhailov, Maryrose Franko, Keith Yamamoto, Heather Joseph, Bodo Stern