Arcadia Science and ICOR: Testing radical open in the real world

Today the newly launched Arcadia Science–a research and development company–announced its partnership with ICOR, stating

“Lots of people are excited by the principles of open science, but transitioning out of the traditional, closed, and restrictive publishing system also requires a ton of hard work. That’s why we are proud to be partnering with the team at Incentivizing Collaborative and Open Research (ICOR). They are actively engaged in an array of open science experiments and initiatives that are moving the needle and are providing the key demonstrations that open science is better science.”

As ICOR begins its work to accelerate collaboration and open scholarship by connecting and facilitating projects throughout the research life cycle, we are excited to be able to collaborate with Arcadia to test new strategies in an ambitious and radically open environment. These efforts will also move us toward our goal of building a body of evidence on the growing impact of collaboration and open scholarship practices, tools, metrics, and incentives. 

ICOR is identifying and working to implement initiatives that infuse open practices into research projects from the inception through to logging all outputs, facilitating collaboration, and sharing early data and findings. By facilitating and tracking these activities as well as the crucial work of collaborative review and revisions, credit can be assigned at all stages and levels of contributions in the research cycle–a necessary step in changing the incentives currently embedded within funding bodies and institutions.

Arcadia’s experiments, tagged as Open by Design on the ICOR website, will teach us a lot about how to implement a fully open science research initiative. ICOR looks forward to working alongside Arcadia to support and document its progress.