A Unified Vision:

From Status Quo to Collaborative & Open

Incentivizing Collaborative and Open Research (ICOR) is building a culture that facilitates and rewards open science, which in turn enables collaboration and innovative, reproducible outcomes.

Shifting the Research Lifecycle from RED to GREEN

Building upon existing efforts that challenge the status quo, where the research cycle occurs in closed RED settings, we aim to contribute a roadmap toward open GREEN opportunities.

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Research status quo
Opportunities for change

Solutions: From Theory to Practice

ICOR proposes unified real-world solutions that challenge the status quo and incentivize generous behaviors. Community organizations and individuals are joining forces to implement projects that contribute to these solutions, with an eye toward standard practices. Click on the solutions to view projects that are planned or in progress, or see All Solutions and their projects.

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Evidence & Best Practices: Cataloging What Works

ICOR is committed to gathering evidence as initiatives progress, recording Best Practices as we learn from real-world implementations. The goal is to establish standards across diverse research disciplines and communities.

Evidence & Best Practices

Open by Design: Large-Scale Implementations

Initiatives that are piloting multiple solutions aligned with the work ICOR is doing.


Aligning Science Across Parkinson’s (ASAP)

Funding initiative launched in 2019 with the mission of accelerating discovery and informing the path to a cure through collaboration, research-enabling resources, and data sharing. A Blueprint is available describing best practices, operations, and infrastructure to achieve these goals.

Open by Design

Arcadia Science

R&D institute pushing the boundaries of open science by sharing early insights and discoveries. Radical experiments in science communication will be piloted to promote rigor, timeliness, accessibility and reach, freeing scientists from traditional constraints.

Templeton World Charity Foundation

Listening and Learning in a Polarized World (LLPW)

The Templeton World Charity Foundation is launching its Open Research Program with a pilot transdisciplinary, global initiative — LLPW. ICOR will help develop methodologies, assets and incentives for collaborative open research, and will evaluate and document best practices based on the outcomes.

The Structural Genomics Consortium

The Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC)

Accelerating research by making all outputs freely available to the scientific community and creating an open collaborative network. Hundreds of global universities and nine pharmaceutical companies are advancing science without the influence of personal, institutional or commercial gain.