Flip to Open: Tracking the Practices, Costs, and Culture of Open Collaborative Research

Aiming to pilot a multi-team research initiative that utilizes many of the ICOR solutions to push the boundaries of open collaborative science. Starting with a traditionally funded project, additional support from progressive funders will permit tracking incremental costs, practices, and tools of “flipping to open.”

  |  Updated: 4 Nov 2022
Project Goals
  • Formulate an RFA for additional support to flip traditionally funded projects to open, describing the required policies, estimated costs, resources, potential pitfalls and experimental design
  • Develop an experimental design for gathering evidence of outcomes
  • Collect baseline data on the traditional project prior to flipping
  • Utilize open source and low-cost resources that are as sustainable as possible
  • Measure researcher attitudes and their levels of early sharing and collaboration
  • Generate tutorials, checklists, and templates enabling other projects to follow best practices
  • Toolkit with guidelines, checklists, examples, templates to serve as a roadmap for funders and researchers
  • Published evidence regarding the ‘flip-to-open’ project outcomes (behaviors, costs, research findings, pitfalls)
  • Metrics developed for tracking open and collaborative behaviors
  • Recommendations for utilizing metrics to reward these behaviors
What's Needed
  • Funded, multi-team project(s) willing to commit to flipping their work to open (including open IP and sharing/collaborating on early findings) as well as institutional buy-in to this
  • Funding for the tools, consultants, and staff required to enable a fully open collaborative project
  • Professionals to train, facilitate, track, assess and report on the practices and outcomes of open research