Arcadia Science Initiative

Arcadia Science is an R&D institute aspiring to evolve how science is done, who it attracts and rewards, and what it can achieve. Arcadia’s radical experiment in communication requires that all research must be freely accessible at an early stage and cannot be published in journals.

In progress
  |  Updated: 22 Nov 2022

Arcadia Science
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Project Goals
  1. Test the ability of open science lacking traditional proxies of quality but with richer public evaluation to be discovered, utilized, and built upon
  2. Publicly post research data and products early and often to improve reach and utility for the scientific community
  3. Broaden the nature of what is communicated beyond the content and organization of a typical journal article (e.g. full data sets, protocols, informative failures, future directions, challenges that may be collaborative tackled)
  4. Encourage use of our research products by the scientific community and encourage public discussion to improve it by soliciting open feedback
  5. Develop collaboration and engagement strategies that encourage those that interact with us to share their research more openly
  6. Develop IP strategies that allow us to be commercially viable/self-sustaining while expanding the range of research outputs shared
  7. Document our lessons learned to encourage others in all sectors to adopt successful practices for broader sharing and more public, substantive evaluation of research
What's Needed
  • Community partners to help us identify, coordinate, or supplement organism-specific databases
  • Identification of individuals/communities willing to innovate with research sharing, evaluation, and reuse that might inform our pilots and experiments
  • Partners within the scientific community willing to engage in a public conversation about the utility of Arcadia’s research advances as well as critique its rigor and reproducibility