Listening and Learning in a Polarized World (LLPW)

TWCF is launching its Open Research Program with a pilot transdisciplinary, global initiative – LLPW. ICOR will help develop methodologies, assets and incentives for collaborative open research, and will evaluate and document best practices based on the outcomes.

  |  Updated: 6 Sep 2022

Templeton World Charity Foundation
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Project Goals

ICOR (as Partner) Goals, 2022-2023:

  1. Produce a blueprint for collaborative open research that other funders can use
  2. Design experiment to extract data, assess engagement, and report on progress based on the LLPW program launch and activities
  3. Ongoing outreach and education by making the TWCF blueprint visible to the research community, including funders, institutional leadership, and open research and team science advocates through webinars and publications