ASAPbio Preprints in Progress

Encouraging the use of preprints for research outputs beyond the scope of a traditional article and appearing well in advance of any associated eventual journal publication; drawing attention to non-traditional formats such as early stage results, null findings and replications of published works.

In progress
  |  Updated: 4 Nov 2022

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Project Goals

We will encourage the constructive production and use of such preprints, starting with the categories outlined above. Project activities will involve:

  • Monitoring and reporting on their prevalence, and the type of outputs reported
  • Documenting and sharing researchers’ experiences
  • Promoting best practices
  • Encouraging further recognition of Preprints in Progress
  • Identifying and addressing any outstanding challenges
What's Needed
  • Researchers who have or are willing to post preprints in these categories
  • Institutions (journals, funders, universities) wishing to support early sharing through policy or partnerships (offering “scoop protection,” encouraging researchers to share early preprints as evidence of productivity, etc.)
  • Preprint servers or services interested in increasing the visibility of these outputs
  • Reporting tools to identify, collate and display these preprints