COAR Notify

The COAR Notify Initiative is developing and accelerating community adoption of a standard, interoperable, and decentralised approach (using Linked Data Notifications) to link research outputs hosted in the distributed network of repositories with resources from external services, such as overlay-journals and open peer review services.

  |  Updated: 23 May 2024

Confederation of Open Access Repositories

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Project Goals

The aim of the COAR Notify Initiative is to promote community adoption of a standard and decentralised approach to link research outputs that are hosted in different repository networks with resources from external services, such as overlay journals and groups that provide open peer review.

The COAR Notify goals are:


  1. To develop a common protocol that enables widespread interoperability across repositories and other services.
  2. To create a knowledge base of resources to help with COAR Notify implementation. These include detailed use cases, scenarios, work flows and other guidance documents.
  3. To support partner implementation by providing funding and technical support to adopt COAR Notify in their platforms and systems.

COAR Notify can be used to connect related resources across the scholarly ecosystem, but the current focus is on connecting preprints/articles in repositories with external peer reviews. COAR Notify is being adopted by a growing number of repositories, open source platforms, and overlay services (see COAR Notify Catalogue) and we have produced (and continue to develop) an Implementation Guide for anyone else with an interest in the COAR Notify Initiative.