CREOS: Research on Open & Equitable Scholarship

Tracking and evaluating the prevalence of members from different groups in open science initiatives; outputs produced by group members; participation across disciplines and areas; citation bias in different areas; social dynamics of OS systems, e.g., role of hierarchy; and barriers to accessing digital collections.

In progress
  |  Updated: 29 Oct 2022

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Project Goals

CREOS generates data about interventions based on credible research evidence, rather than on assumptions, habits, anecdotes, and untested hypotheses. The programs conduct and disseminate evidence-based research so the scholarly community can develop high-impact, action driven programs, policies, and processes. It remains a long-term goal of CREOS to contribute to the development of scholars with the skills, knowledge, and desire to advance research in these areas, leading to the development of a robust new field of study in open and equitable scholarship.