DocMaps is a community-endorsed framework for capturing valuable context about the processes used to create documents in a machine-readable way.

  |  Updated: 21 May 2024

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Project Goals

DocMaps represents the editorial processes used to create journal articles, preprints, peer reviews, and other documents in a machine-readable, extensible, interoperable format. This community-driven framework aims to meet three key requirements for representations of editorial processes in a healthy publishing ecosystem:


  • Extensibility: the framework should be capable of representing a wide range of editorial process events, ranging from a simple assertion that a review occurred to a complete history of editorial comments on a document to a standalone review submitted by an independent reviewer

  • Machine-readability: the framework should be represented in a format (e.g. JSON-LD) that can be interpreted computationally and translated into visual representations.

  • Discoverability: the framework should be publishable such that events are queryable and discoverable via a variety of well-supported mechanisms.


DocMaps has a roadmap, which acts as a high-level list of social/technical projects regarding what we’re thinking about, what we’ve prioritized, what we’re currently working on, and what we’ve done. All the technical documentation for the packages and tools maintained by the DocMaps Project core maintainers can be accessed via the DocMaps Project Open Source Documentation.