Editorial Facilitation & Communication of Team Research

An Editorial Facilitator who is a subject specialist convenes discussions with team members to review and interpret their findings in light of the latest published evidence; (s)he writes and continually updates a Living Narrative based on these discussions, citing team-reviewed incremental findings and posting openly for community review.

  |  Updated: 9 Dec 2022

Rapid Science

Project Goals
  1. Demonstrate that sharing/discussing early findings among cross-team and cross disciplinary project teams can improve the outcomes and reproducibility of basic and translational research
  2. Reduce the burden of collaborative open research by introducing the new role of Editorial Facilitator in team-based research
  3. Model a rewarding and challenging alternative career path for PhD-trained scientists
  4. Facilitate the early release, accessibility, and context of research findings to the larger research community
  5. Piece together the technology and procedures needed for sharing, tracking, and crediting collaborative open research
  6. Provide evidence (or case studies) that a reward system based on collaborative open activities can be a viable alternative to publication-based rewards
  • Collaborative workspace built on existing technologies for researcher discussions; guidelines and best practices derived from that implementation
  • Editorial Facilitator role description, guidelines, and assessment of outcomes of the work
  • Evidence derived from feedback and assessment from the research group on the pilots
  • Design of the “Living Narrative” that includes preprint snapshots describing researchers’ shared outputs thus far and their context in the project’s domain
  • Preprints in Progress – preprints of outputs capturing work as it progresses including incremental and null results along with the context necessary to understand and build upon the work
  • Model a credit and reward system based on researchers’ engagement in the collaborative workspace, their co-authorship on the Living Narrative (an open guide to the research field), and sharing early findings with the community
What's Needed
  • Technology that tracks researchers’ collaborative activities, e.g., discussing, reviewing, replicating, posting early findings
  • Collaborative workspace for sharing, viewing, discussing, and reviewing early findings
  • Funded research team willing/eager to share findings openly, both within the team and with the community
  • Editorial Facilitator with editorial skills and subject matter expertise on research team’s topic, e.g., a journal editor repurposed to work with the team