Fellows and Leaders in Open and Equitable Scholarship (FLOES) program

The FLOES program is creating a scalable methodology for evaluating equity, diversity and inclusion in open science practices by embedding experimental design and measurements into existing open science systems. The intention is to seed a new generation of researchers focused on open scholarship.

Proposed/Seeking funding
  |  Updated: 22 May 2024

Center for Research on Equitable and Open Scholarship (CREOS)

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Project Goals

1. Perform an environmental scan to identify potential opportunities and partnerships

2. Engage with a diverse group of stakeholders involved in open and equitable research

3. Capture opportunities for embedded interventions, and validate methodological approaches with stakeholders

4. Lay the intellectual groundwork for a future fellowship structure, and advance a general research model

5. Seek funding for the FLOES program in 2025


1. Produce a scalable methodology to increase the number of people who study equity with open science

2. Provide a mechanism for identifying and matching research projects to suitable scholars

3. Create guidance for standardised reporting on studies of equitable open scholarship


This blog provides more detail on the intentions and goals of the FLOES program.