Global Open Research Commons

The need for coordination of data infrastructure on various levels (country, continent, discipline, sector) arises from the emergence of so called “Open Science Commons” or “Data commons”, which provide a shared virtual space or platform that presents the researcher with a marketplace for data and services. the RDA is coordinating the work needed to realise a Global Open Research Commons (GORC) to enable a global network of interoperable data commons.

In progress
  |  Updated: 16 May 2024

Research Data Alliance
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Project Goals

The goal of the GORC is to provide frictionless access to all research artefacts to everyone, everywhere, at all times, with the appropriate infrastructure, protocols, and support.

  • The Global Open Research Commons Interest Group (GORC-IG) examined a range of existing Research Commons architectures and synthesized a typology of the essential elements in a Commons complete with definitions.
  • The GORC-IG is working to develop a roadmap for global alignment to help set priorities for Commons development and integration. In support of this roadmap, the GORC International Model Working Group (GORC-WG) has analysed a range of existing commons to collect and curate a set of attributes that will allow Commons developers to compare features, as well as existing key performance indicators and metrics. From this analysis, the WG has created a non-prescriptive Commons model that simultaneously provides a common language to describe all aspects of a commons and a guide to identify areas of priority.