Infra Finder

Infra Finder is an online tool designed to be the go-to resource for anyone navigating the complex landscape of infrastructure services and standards enabling open research and scholarship.

  |  Updated: 20 May 2024

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Project Goals

Infra Finder aspires to be the trusted source of information and a key reference for advocates, decision-makers, and creators in the open infrastructure space. Infra Finder is designed to enable research institutions and other stakeholders to make informed choices on open infrastructure services with the following features:

  • Up-to-date, verified information: IOI works closely with infrastructure service providers to keep Infra Finder up to date, and has developed a robust process for verifying the data in Infra Finder .
  • An easy-to-use comparison view: with Infra Finder’s user-friendly comparison view, you can compare up to four infrastructure services side-by-side, complete with links to more detailed information.
  • Key information in a centralized location: we recognize that institutions and stakeholders have different requirements and considerations for adopting infrastructure services — Infra Finder showcases extensive information on the most common areas of consideration in one place.

Infra Finder also aims to serve the needs of open infrastructure service providers by bringing visibility to their products and services that are often hidden in the background but are critical to the research and scholarship ecosystem.


Infra Finder is live and available for use. The number of solutions will continue to grow and develop over time. As an early stage solution feedback and ideas about the tool are welcome.

To learn more about Infra Finder you can:

  • Watch a demo on how to use Infra Finder
  • Read the background of Infra Finder
  • Read the FAQs about Infra Finder