Null Hypothesis

Null Hypothesis is a collaboration between leading biomedical journals, research institutions and research funders to get more non-positive results published and discoverable. This initiative represents a focused effort to shine light on dark data – null results that never get written up, published or made discoverable, and whose absence from the accessible body of knowledge can impact the interpretation of the scientific evidence.

  |  Updated: 14 Aug 2023

Center for Biomedical Research Transparency
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Project Goals


  • Embracing null data as insights, they unite positives with uncertainties, optimizing patient outcomes and research efficiency.
  • To ensure no critical biomedical research results go unpublished by 2030.

Their goals include:

1. Elevating Open Science: Develop a community of open science advocates who are creating or using the tools, practices, and assessment of open and collaborative science. Pooling our collective knowledge while embodying the essence of collaboration.

2. Connecting Common Goals: We’re bridging the gap between projects that share common infrastructures, processes, and metrics. By connecting these dots, we’re forging a united front in the pursuit of scientific advancement.

3. Curating Best Practices: Our guide to best practices, and identifying relevant resources is a curated collection of insights, wisdom, and strategies that empowers researchers, funders, and academic institutions to align with the principles of open science.

4. Weaving Evidence: Through consulting on experimental design, we’re crafting an intricate tapestry of evidence and case studies. These real-world examples showcase the tangible impact and transformative potential that open science holds.

5. Championing Adoption: Our mission is to champion the widespread adoption of these best practices. We’re not only advocating for openness but also illustrating how it translates into incentives and rewards for those who champion collaborative research.

6. Join the Movement: Together, we’re rewriting the narrative of scientific exploration. We invite you to be a part of this evolution, where collaboration, shared knowledge, and open science forge the path to a new era of discovery and excellence.

What's Needed

CBMRT supports the importance of publishing research, regardless of its positive or negative outcomes. We value and appreciate partial null, null, and inconclusive data, recognizing its significance alongside positive findings. Our goal is to change the scientific culture and encourage scientists to feel comfortable sharing their null, partial null, and inconclusive data, as it holds equal value to positive data. In our pursuit of improving patient outcomes and minimizing research redundancies, we are actively seeking a wide range of stakeholders e.g., pharma companies journals, publishers, scientific associations, academic institutions, funders, etc. to join us because we can’t make a strong impact and positive change alone. Together, we can reduce costs and ensure that no critical null, partial null, or inconclusive research goes undiscovered. Thank you for considering this collaboration, and we look forward to further discussions on how we can work together to advance our shared goals. Contact us