Open Life Science: Research, Training & Mentoring

OLS develops and hosts virtual 16-week-long cohorts to train and mentor individuals and groups as advocates, with the aim of bringing collaborative OS to their communities. OLS also conducts research on the transformative impact of these activities and contributes Best Practice expert talks via YouTube (open license CC-BY).

In progress
  |  Updated: 22 Nov 2022

Open Life Science

Project Goals

OLS will run regular cohort programs covering guided reflection and hands-on implementation of open science concepts, processes, and techniques. The program’s core value is “inclusion by design”. It centers ethics of care, encouragement and support in the community, seeking to benefit everyone – newcomers and also experienced scientists.

  • Openly licensed curriculum on applying open principles in their work and becoming Open Science ambassadors
  • Active community of Open Science ambassadors and practitioners on slack
What's Needed
  • Funding
  • Partners
  • Visibility