Open Science Monitoring Initiative (OSMI)

The Open Science Monitoring Initiative (OSMI) brings together institutions and individuals involved in monitoring open science. OSMI aims to encourage the adoption of open science monitoring principles and to promote their practical implementation.

  |  Updated: 12 Jun 2024

Open Science Monitoring Initiative (OSMI)

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Project Goals

In May 2023, the G7 Science and Technology Ministers met in Sendai and issued a communiqué in which they renewed their strong support towards open science, with a reinforced cooperation, especially to “use research on research to inspire a framework for open science monitoring”. As of today, there is for now no common understanding nor framework of open science monitoring so the OSMI aims to work with the wider community to  reach a global agreement on a set of Principles that could set a guide for present and future initiatives about open science monitoring.


The project aims to deliver a set of universal principles for open science monitoring. In April 2024, a set of draft principles was put together, which were developed during a UNESCO workshop and subsequently reviewed by more than 20 experts.

High-level principles:

  • Acknowledging the diversity of Open Science monitoring approaches throughout the world
  • Providing guidelines to encourage pooling, comparisons and reuse when possible
  • Helping stakeholders like countries, research performing organisations and international organisations to set up their own monitoring tools
  • Global aim: monitor a comprehensive transformation to open science and its impacts on the research ecosystem and on society


What's Needed

OSMI shared a draft of Open Science monitoring principles, launching a worldwide consultation. Please leave your thoughts or join the OSMI community to further develop these principles.