OSTrails: Open Science Trails

OSTrails aims to advance processes and instruments for Planning, Tracking, and Assessing scientific knowledge production beyond state-of-the art, working with various national and thematic contexts, improving existing infrastructure, and connecting key components.

  |  Updated: 29 May 2024


Project Page

Project Goals

OSTrails will deliver methods, tools, services, guidance and training necessary to realise the Plan-Track-Assess stages to put FAIR into practice. Specifically, for each stage, increase the efficiency of Data Management Plans (DMPs), establish an open, interoperable and high quality Scientific Knowledge Graph (SKG) ecosystem and deliver modular and extendable FAIR tests. By connecting the building blocks across the Plan-Track-Assess stages, OSTrails will provide end-to-end solutions that serve:

(i) Researchers, and research support personnel, to realise FAIR at any stage of the research life cycle, and for relevant data officers, planning for optimal FAIRness when designing the DMPs, and revising and executing it iteratively; and

(ii) Research Funding Organisations (RFOs), Research Performing Organisations (RPOs), publishers and other stakeholders to monitor and drive the improvement of the quality of RDM for any shared, funded and published research products.


OSTrails deliverables can be found here.