PLOS’ Open Science Indicators (OSI) initiative

The OSI initiative aims to better understand researchers and to inform the development and monitoring of solutions intended to improve adoption of Open Science practices, such as sharing of research data, sharing code and protocols, and posting of preprints.

  |  Updated: 14 May 2024

Public Library of Science (PLOS)
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Project Goals

In order to increase the prevalence of Open Science practices, we need to be able to reliably measure Open Science practices. Developed in partnership with DataSeer, Open Science Indicators (OSIs) use Natural Language Processing to identify and quantify Open Science behaviours in the published literature, and to compare rates of generation and adoption across discipline, region, and other factors. This enables PLOS to better understand and meet researcher needs. Importantly, the aim is for these indicators to help understand practice and to promote improvements, not to rank journals, institutions or individuals.


An Open dataset that is updated quarterly which can be freely accessed here. Further information on the principles and requirements for developing Open Science Indicators is available here.