PREreview designs and develops open-source infrastructure to enable community-led feedback to preprints at a point in time in which it is needed, offers peer review training and mentorship, and partners with like-minded organizations to create opportunities for collaborative review experiences.

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  |  Updated: 15 May 2024

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Project Goals
PREreview’s mission is to bring more equity and transparency to scholarly peer review by supporting and empowering communities of researchers to review preprints in a process that is rewarding to them.
Over the next 3 years we aim to:
– Position PREreview as the foremost trusted community-led preprint review tool and catalyst for community collaboration
– Strengthen community governance and implement a distributed sustainable revenue model

– Increase global engagement with PREreview by equipping diverse communities of experts with the tools and resources to provide open, constructive feedback to preprints
– Establish processes for community input into programming, product, and governance
– Integrate PREreview workflows within a global open publishing ecosystem
– Research and implement solutions for new audiences’ participation in preprint review
– Rebuild our governance structure and processes to include the perspectives of key stakeholders in our community
– Develop an equitable sustainable fee-for-service model to engage stakeholders groups (e.g., organizations, research institutions, and funders)
– Develop an organizational membership model to build community-support and to give value-aligned organizations the opportunity to support our mission and connect with our community

What's Needed

– Partnerships/collaborations/membership engagement with value- and goal-aligned organizations, research institutions, publishers, funders
– Community input and feedback through engagement in our Slack channel (, user research interviews and design sprints (compensated)
– Researchers and other expert reviewers contributions to open preprint review on
– Funding for specific project implementations


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