Rapid Science: The Collaboration Score

Developing metrics that reflect team members’ collaborative research activities – e.g., sharing/posting early research, reviewing, revising, commenting – as well as the rapid, open dissemination of their findings.

  |  Updated: 22 Nov 2022

Rapid Science
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Project Goals
  • This project will define, track, and assign credits for collaborative activities in research consortiums — e.g., inter- and intra-team sharing and discussion of research findings, peer reviewing, replicating, co-authoring, data curation and analysis, and posting incremental and negative results as preprints.
  • We aim to develop quantitative and qualitative measures that translate to a credit system that can be tied to incentives and rewards bestowed by funders and academic institutions.
  • The tools and processes created and/or recommended in the proposed credit system will necessarily have practical application for stakeholders who wish to reward open behaviors over solitary acts of publication.
  • Activity algorithm(s)
  • Exemplary credit system for one or more research projects
  • Documentation that relates credits to rewards
  • Recognition guidelines for academic institutions and funders
What's Needed
  • Funded multi-team consortium(s) with an open science mandate, as partner
  • Project platform on which grantees communicate
  • Tracking tools for researchers’ protocols and outputs
  • Structured progress reports that intake data from the tracker
  • Algorithm that assigns credit values to shared content and interactive behaviors