Research Output Management System (ROMS)

As more research outputs are shared, a common schema and nomenclature will improve discoverability and reproducibility, increase resuse, and enable meta-analyses. All outputs need categorization, tagging, adequate metadata, and persistent idenfitiers.

In progress
  |  Updated: 4 Nov 2022
Project Goals
  1. Assist funders and institutions in implementing ROMS and PIDs
  2. Demonstrate how facilitating early and structured sharing of research outputs fuels collaboration and greater discoverability of work in advance of a publication
  3. Assess the resourcing and tool chain needed to implement early and structured sharing of outputs on scale
  4. Work with consumers of ROMS/PIDs data on how ROMS data as well as impact measures of ROMS items can inform assessment, funding decisions and tenure and promotion
  1. A generic version of the ROMS database schema, including recommended input and outputs
  2. Report on how integrations with leading repositories would work and be facilitated
  3. Best practices and guidance documents for implementing a ROMS within a project, team, or organization
  4. Product analytics and reporting and work with funders and institutions to meet their needs
  5. Pilots or demonstration cases implemented to serve as exemplars or case studies
  6. Unified PD data storage for further research and analysis 
What's Needed
  • Research groups or orgs interested in piloting a ROMS and receiving analytics on research outputs outside of traditional publishing
  • Participation from PID organizations, repositories, data source and analysis tools and services