eLife’s New Publishing Model

Starting in 2023, eLife will no longer make accept/reject decisions but will publish all peer-reviewed papers on its website as Reviewed Preprints, including an eLife assessment and public reviews. Authors can respond and either revise/resubmit or declare it as the final Version of Record.

  |  Updated: 21 Nov 2022

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Project Goals
  • In choosing to no longer reduce our assessments to a single publishing decision, we are relinquishing the traditional journal role of gatekeeper in favor of a reviewed and assessed preprint system that restores autonomy to authors – ensuring that they will be evaluated based on what, not where, they publish.
  • A parallel aim is for reviewed and assessed preprints to be used as currency in research assessment in lieu of journal title.
  • Switch to new model on Jan 31st 2023 via new submission system, eLife Reviewed Preprint platform, and community support statement (via PR)
  • Evidence regarding the outcomes of this model by developing – in collaboration with ICOR – an experimental design that permits data collection and evaluation
  • New metrics for research assessment
What's Needed