Exploring the Value of “Open” (EVO)

The Health Research Alliance’s (HRA) mission is to maximize the impact of research to improve human health, and open sharing of all research outputs is a powerful strategy to achieve that mission. The Explore the Value of Open (EVO) program is designed to help HRA members implement open science policies.

  |  Updated: 20 May 2024

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Project Goals

HRA’s Open Science Learning Community will use the EVO Program to host webinars, form small group cohorts, and provide resources to help HRA members understand how to implement policies that advance open research and scientific discovery, while simultaneously advancing organisational missions. The Open Science Learning Community is committed to helping any interested HRA member organization to encourage (and potentially require) open science practices across their grant portfolio.


The Open Science Learning Community will identify and curate resources for HRA member organizations to help:

  1. Inform their decision-making processes in the implementation of open science policies,
  2. facilitate implementation of open science policies, and
  3. influence the advancement of open science.

As part of the EVO program, and as a participant in the 2023 Year of Open Science, we will create a more formal strategic plan focused on facilitating more open science behaviours among researchers.