Open Climate Campaign

The Open Climate Campaign is working with international organizations, funders, governments, environmental organizations, and open access advocates to endorse and communicate the campaign to lead to more open access climate and biodiversity research.

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  |  Updated: 16 May 2024

Open Climate Campaign
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Project Goals

The mission of the Open Climate Campaign is to promote open access to research to accelerate progress towards solving the climate crisis and preserving global biodiversity. If we are going to solve these global challenges, the knowledge (research, data, educational resources, software) about them must be open.

Open Climate Campaign Goals:

  • Bring attention to the issue of access to knowledge on climate change
  • Open access review of climate and biodiversity research
  • Overcome legal and policy barriers
  • Help national governments, funders and environmental agencies to adopt and implement strong OA policies
  • Engage and contribute to international frameworks on climate and biodiversity
  • Obtain campaign endorsements
  • Ensure inclusive outcomes throughout the campaign
  • Identify and open important climate and biodiversity research
  • Publishers make their climate and biodiversity research open access