Registered Reports

Registered Reports is a publishing format that emphasizes the importance of the research question and the quality of methodology by conducting peer review prior to data collection. High quality protocols are then provisionally accepted for publication upon completion of research.

  |  Updated: 21 May 2024

Center of Open Science

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Project Goals

This publishing format is designed to reward best practices in adhering to the hypothetico-deductive model of the scientific method. It eliminates a variety of questionable research practices, including low statistical power, selective reporting of results, and publication bias, while allowing complete flexibility to report serendipitous findings. Our goal is to have every journal that publishes empirical, inferential research offer this format as an option.


This project provides recommended author and reviewer instructions, it lists the journals that offer the publishing format, and collects evidence on the impact of Registered Reports on the published literature.

What's Needed

This project requires additional journal adoption and author engagement to encourage submission once offered. Outreach and education are continuously ongoing and would benefit from additional support.