Road2Openness is a web-based self-assessment tool that helps research performing institutions to evaluate their current Open Science activities and supports them with recommendations for a strategic opening to develop institutional training, infrastructure and incentive systems for Open Science.

  |  Updated: 13 May 2024



Project Goals

– Facilitate top-down engagement from institutional leaders
– Evaluate institutional Open Science activities: Open Access Research Outputs (publications, data and methods), Citizen Science, Open Innovation, Open Educational Resources, Research Quality Management, Open Governance, and Open Research Assessment.
– Support institutions with customised recommendations to develop training, infrastructure and incentive systems based on the literature and good-practice examples from other institutions

What's Needed

– Funding to keep the tool up-to-date and develop it further into a not-for-profit service for the community (e.g., offer consultancy and training, develop a user community)
– Volunteers to check the recommendations and update them with new links
– Partner institutions that would like to provide case studies on the use of Road2Openness