TIER2: Enhancing Trust, Integrity and Efficiency in Research through next-level Reproducibility

TIER2 aims to boost knowledge, create tools, engage communities, co-create interventions and develop policy recommendations on different contexts to increase re-use and overall quality of research results.

In progress
  |  Updated: 29 May 2024


Project Page

Project Goals

TIER2 goals are to:


  • Examine the epistemological, social, and technical factors that shape reproducibility across contexts
  • Build a state-of-the-art evidence-base on extent and efficacy of existing reproducibility interventions and practices
  • Co-create techniques of scenario-planning, backcasting, and user-centred design to select, prioritise, adapt, and implement new tools to enhance reproducibility across contexts
What's Needed

TIER2 aims to better understand the causes, consequences and possible solutions of perceived poor levels of reproductivity of research across research contexts. With a focus on social, life, and computer sciences, as well as research publishers and funders, the project aims to increase awareness, build capacity, and propose innovative solutions sensitive to varied research cultures.

Central to its approach are eight Pilot activities designed to develop, implement, and evaluate new reproducibility-related tools and practices, emphasising stakeholder engagement and collaboration throughout the project’s duration until December 2025.

1. Reproducibility Decision Aid
2. Reproducibility Management Plan (RMP)
3. Reproducible Workflows for Life and Computer Sciences
4. Reproducibility Checklists for Computational Social Science Research
5. Reproducibility Promotion Plans for Funders
6. Reproducibility Monitoring Dashboard
7. Editorial Workflows to Increase Data Sharing
8. An Editorial Reference Handbook for Reproducibility and FAIRness

We are taking heavily co-creative approaches to the development, implementation and assessment of these new interventions, tools and practices. If interest, please do get in touch.